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physical intimacy

10 Things Intimate Couples Do

Check if your relationship has intimate vibes. Uncover the secret recipe of intimacy, love, laughter and lasting connection.

DesireScheduling Sex Is The New Sexy

Scheduling Sex Is The New Sexy

Planning sex brings thrilling anticipation, arousing foreplay and creates an intimate space to connect with your partner.

IntimacyIntimate questions for a deeper bond

50 Intimate Questions for a Deeper Bond

The most powerful connection is made when you openly discuss your relationship with your partner.

Intimacyintimacy in relationships

How To Nurture Intimacy

Whether you've just started dating someone or you've been together for years, intimacy plays a vital role in your relationships. 

Intimacyforeplay and better sex

15 Foreplay Tips For Better Sex

From gentle kisses to intimate conversations, erotic massages, and playful teasing—whatever fuels the flames of desire.

How To Play: Bedroom mood

Get your partner and yourself in the mood with sumptuous sheets, soft lighting, candles and one of our Spotify playlists.